Woman Asks The Internet If It’s Bad That She Got A Secret Tattoo For A Really Sad Reason And Doesn’t Want To Explain It To Her Mom’s Friends

A woman recently wanted to know if it was bad of her to get a secret tattoo…and she has a really sad reason behind her ink.

She also doesn’t want to explain that reason to her mom’s friends.

“Background: I had a very tumultuous childhood due to my mother’s mental illness,” she starts out by saying.

“At 15 my mother kicked me out for the last time because I chose to never come back.”

“She begged, but I told her my reasons and she had no interest in fixing them. I got a job and my own place.”

“I got my equivalency and put myself through college.”

“The issue: I am now in my late 20s and we still have a pretty awful relationship.”

“I am in and out of no contact. I haven’t been able to maintain it, unfortunately. Separating yourself from your abuser is a lot harder then I anticipated.”

“I had a really bad anxiety attack and called her immediately. It makes no…sense to me why I would call someone that destroyed my life but my therapist said it’s a normal reaction. Obviously I still have a lot of work to do on myself.”

“A couple of years ago, before I went back to school, I got a tattoo of the number 15 on the back of my arm right below my elbow.”

Here’s the meaning behind her tattoo choice.

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