She Crashed Her Ex’s Wedding And Caused His Marriage To Be Over Before It Started And Now She’s Asking The Internet If It Was Wrong Of Her To Do

This isn’t something you hear every day. I always thought nobody really crashed weddings outside of the movies, but this woman just did.

She crashed her ex’s wedding and pretty much caused his marriage to be over before it even started.

Now, she’s wondering if maybe that wasn’t the best thing to do, and here’s the whole scoop for you.

“My ex’s wedding was in February,” she starts out by explaining.

“And like you could guess, I wasn’t personally invited nor was I told anything about it from him even though we spoke daily.”

“Well I found out about it from his grandmother (we’re close) and she suggested I ‘gate crash’ and that she would cover for me (think she doesn’t like the bride).”

“I was interested in going because I wanted to find some closure since we had broken up rather quickly a few months before and I still wasn’t over him.”

“So I said yes.”

Buckle up for what happened next…

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