She Drove Away Into The Dark To Pick Up A Friend Having Car Trouble And Pieces Of Her Were Found In The Woods Days Later But The Rest Of Her Was Never Recovered

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She was born Carly Scott, but everyone called her Charli. She had bright red hair and beautiful green eyes.

She lived in a place that’s pretty much paradise; the Hawaiian island of Maui. Charli had a way of making everyone she knew feel like they were special.

She was kind-hearted and thoughtful. She loved unicorns, the pinup style, and playing with her hair color.

Charli was 27-years-old and five months pregnant with her first child, a son, when she was savagely murdered along with her unborn baby.

She was planning on naming her son Joshua. Charli was overjoyed to be a mom, and it was something she never got to experience.

Here’s who stole that dream from her and what sadly happened to Charli and her baby.

Facebook; Charli is pictured above wearing red lipstick

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