She Found Out Her Husband Was Cheating And After He Passed Away His Mistress Tried To Get His Money But She Refused To Give Her Any And Now Is Asking The Internet If She Was Wrong

“Told him I wanted a divorce while was still overseas so I packed up our rental house, threw his sh*t away, and moved leaving no forwarding address.”

Well, he “up and died on me before our divorce was final and he hadn’t collected the last of his paycheck from the company he was working for so I emailed them and that’s when they told me the money would be split between me and the mistress.”

She went on to explain he passed away in America and that, “he died in a hospital. No autopsy. Learned that if you want an autopsy you have to pay for it, wasn’t going to pay anything more for him.”

“Official cause of death was pancreatitis caused by years of alcohol abuse.”

“He flat out told everyone he wanted to drink himself to death and the months leading up go his death he drank so heavily that I’m surprised it took as long as it did to kill him.”

“I, of course, said no, that every penny was mine as his legal widow and I expected them to give me every penny owed to my husband.”

“They then told me they had already given the mistress some of the money.”

“I told them they were just SOL (yes I was a bit more diplomatic than that) and I expected every penny to be sent to my address.”

“In the meantime before they had done anything the mistress contacted me via Facebook to harass me.”

“She asked me for money!!!! She told me my husband didn’t love me. Just a barrage of insults. I blocked her.”

Wow, I mean…did this mistress really think that strategy would work?!

“Finally the company got back with me and sent me all the money, even the money that had given the mistress.”

How did they get it back? I have so many questions.

“Apparently they made her give them money back because I started receiving messages from the mistresses teenage daughter that they needed the money and that I took it from them.”

“She told me they were going to be homeless. I didn’t budge, I didn’t give them any money.”

“This is a country that rent averages about $200 a month so taking back several grand IS a huge deal to them but I also feel I have no obligation to that woman or her children.”

Also worth noting, she stated he did not have a will and that his mistress was well aware that he was married to her.

Needless to say, nobody on the internet sided with the mistress.

“You don’t owe his mistress or her teenage children anything. How do you even prove “official mistress” status? Did your husband specify what he wanted to leave in his will?”

“The money is legally yours and it’s not your responsibility to financially care for his bad decisions. Especially if he left you in debt. His mistress and her daughter should have had a backup plan to take care of themselves. Not just preying upon people’s husbands.”

“I would tell them to kick rocks forever and to go rot. Then block anyone who bothers you. She knew he was married, she isn’t a victim here. She bragged about how he loved her and not you, so she knew. She also has no case.”

“No will, no way. That’s what I like to say.”

“The audacity of telling you that your husband didn’t love you while simultaneously begging for money? She got what she deserves, nothing. Block them both and resume healing from this mess.”

“She can go find another married businessman to get involved with, or she can get a job.”

“Send a selfie holding up a large sum of money and flipping the bird with her other hand.”

She then says she will be using the money from his last paycheck to book herself a cruise with her new boyfriend and take her ex along to dump his ashes.

“He’s dead. He can’t hurt me any longer. And I’d hope that no matter how much I’m hated when I die that my last wishes will still be carried out. So I have to do that for him.”

“Though I’d be lying if I haven’t thought about flushing them down the toilet.”

You can read the rest of what the internet had to say to her here.

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