She Was Having A Tough Time In Quarantine And This Is What She Heartbreakingly Posted On Facebook Before Disappearing And Washing Up On A Beach

23-year-old Chelsie Dack was an estate agent living in Gorleston-on-Sea, Norfolk, which is in England.

She had her own apartment on High Street, but on April 20th, Chelsie disappeared into thin air. She was officially reported missing at 3 in the morning.

The hunt was on to find her, as police helicopters, search and rescue dogs, and tons of volunteers started searching for Chelsie.

A Facebook group was created in hopes of finding her, called Find Chelsie Dack.

Authorities pulled CCTV footage from around Chelsie’s town to see if they could figure out where she had gone.

They had a few clues as to where she may have gone…

Facebook; Chelsie is pictured above wearing a white blouse

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