Teen Kidnapped From Work, Strangled To Death In A Shed By Serial Killer Who Then Stole Money From Her Family And Went On A 2-Week Long Cruise

Samantha Koenig was an 18-year-old young woman living in Anchorage, Alaska. She had recently landed a job as a barista at a cute little roadside coffee stand called Common Grounds.

The coffee stand is painted bright blue and located in a parking lot off of Tudor Road, nestled near a Home Depot, Dairy Queen, and iHop. Customers drive right up and order a beverage at the window.

Taking a look at their website, it’s full of photos of beautiful young women smiling away amid the different drinks they offer. It certainly seems like a fun and cool place to work.

Samantha was excited about her new job, but little did she know a man had been staking out the coffee shop, silently watching as people came and went from the little coffee shop in the parking lot.

Samantha didn’t know him, and this man didn’t know her, but what happened on the frigid, dark night of February 1st, 2012 resulted in Samantha tragically losing her life.

Facebook; Samantha smiles in the photo above

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