The Last Text She Sent Read Said ‘I’m Scared’ Before The House She Was At Went Up In Flames And She Has Not Been Seen In 7 Years

Brookelyn Farthing was just 18-years-old when she completely disappeared under very bizarre circumstances.

She would be 25-years-old now if she is still out there, somewhere.

Her friends and family called her Brooke, and she loved to spend her free time baking. This ended up being almost every single night that she created some delicious treats for her family.

She was an outdoorsy country girl from Berea, Kentucky, and she loved wearing cowboy boots. She lived with her older sister Tasha, her younger sister Paige, her mom Shelby and her step-dad Randall.

Tasha said about Brooke, “My sister Brooke was a spunky, tell you how it is, loveable person. She loved animals and the outdoors.”

“But she was a true girly girl, who loved pink and camouflage. She would do anything to help anyone.”

MySpace; Brooke smiles in the photo above

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