100-Year-Old Veteran Is Going Viral For Raising Over $40 Million Dollars For Healthcare Workers In This Cute Way

Captain Tom Moore is a 100-year-old war veteran from England. He was born in Yorkshire, which is in the northern part of England.

He served in World War II and was stationed in Sumatra, India, and Burma. After he served in the army, he went on to run a concrete company.

Unfortunately, Captain Tom pretty recently broke his hip, so he has to use a walker to get around.

That didn’t stop him from raising money for healthcare works in this cute way!

Captain Tom did laps in his walker around his garden in order to raise the money, and he set out with a goal of making 100 laps around before he turned 100-years-old on April 30th of this year.

He wore a pretty sharp blazer, with the various medals he received during the time he served in the army pinned along his chest, as he completed his 100 laps.

He thought he might be able to raise around a couple hundred dollars, but boy, was he ever wrong about that.

Twitter; Captain Tom is pictured above when he served in the army gives the thumbs-up sign in the photo above

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