This Guy’s Girlfriend Freaked Out On Him When He Said Her Friend Shouldn’t Be Surprised The Married Man She Had An Affair With Vanished When She Told Him She Was Pregnant, And Now He’s Asking The Internet What To Do

Oh, boy. A guy told his girlfriend her cheating friend shouldn’t be surprised after the married man she was having an affair with found out she was pregnant…and vanished into thin air.

His girlfriend proceeded to freak out on him for saying that, even going so far as to call him heartless.

Now, he’s asking the internet what he should even do.

“I’ve been with my girlfriend coming up to 1 year now. Her best friend has been having a 3 month affair with a married man,” he starts out by saying.

“She knows he is married.”

“She found out she was pregnant a month back and he has completely disappeared into thin air.”

“He has blocked or deleted her from tinder and she never got his real name (they both went by aliases) and now she is desperately searching for him on Facebook but nothing even in the ballpark has come up.”

“The guy offered her abortion money and offered to go with her. She refused because she has a 3-year-old and she wants a sibling for her baby.”

“I can’t say I didn’t see him disappearing.”

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