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This Mom Got Shamed Over How She Put Her Child In Her Car After Shopping At A Supermarket And Now She’s Speaking Out

It doesn’t matter where you’re from, mom-shamers exist all over the globe, and they’re more than happy to tell you about what they think you’re doing wrong.

Sophie Skipper is a mom and blogger. She has an adorable toddler son, and together they live in Australia.

One day as she finished up grocery shopping at a local supermarket, she headed back to her car and put her child inside.

She then placed all of her groceries in her trunk and walked a little bit away from her car to return her shopping cart.

Sophie thought nothing of what she was doing, but then a stranger came right up to her and decided to mom-shame her right in the parking lot.

Here’s what this woman decided to take issue with, leaving Sophie feeling nothing but terrible.

Instagram; Sophie smiles in the photo above

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