This Teacher Is Going Viral For Taking In The Newborn Sibling Of One Of Her Students And Her Act Of Selflessness Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

I know it’s really hard to find stories about people doing kind things right now, so get ready to have your faith in humanity restored.

Luciana Lira is a teacher who really did something truly incredible for the family of one of her 7-year-old students.

She works at the Hart Magnet Elementary School located in Stamford, Connecticut, and she teaches English as a second language.

Luciana’s friend Joy Colon said in a Facebook post, “Several years ago, I met Luciana Lira. Back then, we were both pursuing our master’s degrees.”

“She and I taught in the same public-school system and happened to be neighbors.”

“From the moment I met Luciana, I knew we would be friends. She has a kind and gentle way about her that draws you in.”

Here’s what Luciana so selflessly did, and her story is going viral for all the right reasons.

Facebook; Luciana is pictured above with a baby in need that she helped

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