Woman Explains She Refused To Help Her Boyfriend With His Business After He Publicly Said It’s Only Him Running It And Now She’s Asking The Internet What To Do

Getting into business with significant others, or family is hardly a cakewalk. Things can get ugly pretty quickly.

A woman has explained that she recently refused to help her boyfriend with his business after he publicly said it’s just him running it.

How’s that for a thank you for all her hard work? Understandably, she’s now on the internet asking what to even do about all this.

“My boyfriend runs a small food business, has done for the last few years,” she starts out by saying.

“I have my own job but since he’s begun cooking professionally, I have always been involved.”

“From helping with menus, doing his finances and packaging orders for delivery, etc, I have always felt like it was partly mine.”

If you’re spending a lot of your own personal time and effort on a business, it’s hard not to think of it as partly your own.

“I have always assumed he saw it the same way as it’s never been “hey, can you help me with this” but rather “you need to do this today for me.”

Here’s where it all goes downhill…

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