Woman Goes Viral For Punching A Dog In The Face And Now The Humane Society Is Launching An Investigation

A woman went viral for posting a 12-second long video of her punching a dog in the face on Snapchat, and now the Human Society is launching an investigation into her.

Even though the woman who originally posted the video has taken it down, that didn’t stop the internet from sharing what she so disgustingly did to the poor German Shepard she abused.

The video started being shared all over Twitter and Facebook, and a man in the video who is either filming it or standing by and watching the abuse is heard saying, “We’re boxing animals. Where’s Sarah McLachlan?”

The woman in the video wears her hair in a bun and punches at the German Shepard, hitting him around 12 different times, before hitting him so hard he lets out a yelp while she brags, “I hit him so hard I felt that through.”

The man from the background laughs after she says that and the video cuts out.

Twitter; pictured above is the woman hitting her dog

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