Woman Says She Deleted Her Daughter’s Tinder Match Because It Would Have Exposed Her Deep, Dark, Secret And The Internet Is Struggling With This

A woman said she deleted her daughter’s Tinder match…because it would have exposed her deep, dark, secret.

She asked the internet for advice, and everyone pretty much couldn’t agree on if she was the worst for doing this.

“I feel really guilty about doing this. I have an excellent relationship with my daughters,” she started out by explaining.

“One of them has been at home since spring break due to universities shutting down. She’s been using the Tinder app to flirt with local guys.”

“She shows me their profiles sometimes so we can share a giggle or laugh at some of the more ridiculous ones.”

“One of the things that I still cannot quite get comfortable with is that she has a thing for older men, so her matches range in age from 20s-40s.”

“She knows I’m uncomfortable with it and in fact shows me her older matches sometimes just to needle me (in jest).”

“Yesterday she showed me one of the older guys she’s been teasing.”

“I was ready to have a laugh with her until I saw his face.”

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