Woman Wonders If It’s Wrong Of Her To Charge Her Dad Rent, But Not Her Mom And The Internet Couldn’t Agree With Her More

A woman is left wondering if it’s wrong of her to charge her dad rent, but not her mom, and honestly the internet couldn’t agree more with her decision.

You’re probably going to agree she’s justified too when you hear about all the details and why she decided to do all of this.

“My father and his family lost their home and had no place to live,” she starts out by explaining.

“He has a teenage son, my half brother, who is 15 and a known smoker.”

“Because they had nowhere else to go, I offered them to stay at our other house we usually rent out to other people.”

“The house is situated within our property, just next to our home.”

“Prior to my dad moving in, my mother and my sister moved in with us 6 months ago after my stepdad passed away.”

“We have many spare bedrooms in our home so them moving in wasn’t a problem…”

Well, this is where the conflict arises…

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