Woman Yells At Her Husband For Eating The Wrong Cookies, And The Internet Can’t Believe How Terrible He Was To Her

A woman recently put a painstaking amount of effort into making special cookies for her friend’s birthday.

Well, her husband ate the wrong cookies, she yelled at him over it, and the internet is completely siding with her saying her husband is so beyond rude.

Here’s how this all went down.

“This is some petty…nonsense. I (37-year-old female) made fancy cookies for a friend’s birthday this past week,” she starts out by saying.

“The amount of planning that went into these cookies was silly.”

“Slowly but surely I collected the ingredients I needed through annoying…grocery and amazon orders and miraculously had everything I needed to make these cookies on time for my BFF’s birthday.”

“Baking them was also a hassle – I had to bake them in small batches in order to correct the dough until I got the perfect cookie.”

“So I’m running back and forth to the kitchen for hours while also taking care of my 10-month-old son.”

“I made extra cookies because my hubby has a sweet tooth.”

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