Woman Yells At Her Husband For Eating The Wrong Cookies, And The Internet Can’t Believe How Terrible He Was To Her

“Hubby (38-year-old male) comes home from work and is super excited that I made cookies.”

“I tell him how hard I’ve been working on these tricky ass cookies and tell him very specifically that there are 6 cookies that he must not eat that are perfect in size and shape and decoration and will be given to my BFF.”

“I TELL HIM THIS TWICE because I can’t stand the thought of having to deal with more cookie decorating.”

“I even separated the ‘off-limit’ cookies from the rest so it’s obvious which ones are not meant for him.”

“He nods in acknowledgment.”

“That evening he’s back and forth, in and out of the kitchen eating cookies (getting chocolate on the sofa as he eats them).

“At some point, I check on the perfect 6 gift cookies to see if the decorations have set and – what’s this?!”

“One of the 6 quarantined cookies is missing!”

“I asked hubby why he ate one of the special cookies and he laughed. ‘Oh honey the other cookies were too big and I just wanted one last small cookie’. I was only a little mad at first but kind of shocked.”

“I told him ‘I can’t believe you just did that when I asked you not to twice! WTF dude?”

“His reaction ‘It’s not a big deal sweetie. Are you really going to get upset over a cookie? There are so many cookies left, just use one of the others. Or give her 5 instead of 6.”

“At that point, I got a little angrier. I told him that I wanted an apology and that he was being inconsiderate.”

“He rolled his eyes at me and apologized sarcastically and muttered that he would sleep on the couch tonight ‘because we’re arguing about cookies now.’ He said I was being immature for arguing with him about cookies.”

“He gives me the silent treatment for the rest of the night and slept on the chocolate stained sofa.”

She then says she is really upset and confused and she wants to know if she’s in the wrong here.

The internet couldn’t believe how rude this guy is.

“You specifically asked him not to, and he did it anyway and then dismissed your concerns, knowing full well he was eating a gift… your husband is a gigantic, flaming ball of a******. It’s not petty that you are pissed, he completely disregarded your work, your effort, and A GIFT FOR SOMEONE ELSE. That’s just… wrong.”

“He could have easily broken one of the home cookies in half. To go and eat one of the gift cookies was totally on purpose and sounds like he is jealous/resentful/has feelings about (you) gifting the perfect cookies.”

“If this sort of disrespect for your efforts is a regular thing…well, I’m no psychiatrist, but maybe counseling would be in order.”

“Yeah, my SO is the baker between us, and if he set aside specific baked goods for someone I would never eat them. I also know how much time he’s put into adjusting and perfecting recipes, that I can’t even picture myself being so flippant about his effort….your hubby is a huge A.”

“It’s never about small stuff like cookies: These are symptoms of the problem. The problem is that he disregarded his wife’s hard work and then disregarded her anger, which borders on gaslighting (“we’re arguing over a cookie!”).”

“Trying to make you feel crazy for the fact you’re “starting an argument over a cookie” – it’s not crazy and not just about a cookie.”

“I’m an amateur baker and my kitchen turns into a small bakery around the holidays. I had this exact argument with my ex-husband more than once. During our divorce he admitted he was being passive-aggressive and spiteful with that behavior; I was always suspicious those “accidents” were on purpose.”

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