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You Can Now Watch All Your Favorite 90s Shows For Free On An Online 90s Era TV

Yes, this is not a drill, someone thought to make a website where you can sit there and watch 90s TV on an actual 90s TV (ok, it’s almost actual…it’s a pretty exact recreation).

That someone is a man named Joey Cato, who is a game developer from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Head on over to the website Joey made, and there’s a little silver-colored 90s TV sitting there, just waiting for you to turn it on and surf all the neat channels.

You can watch cartoons, commercials, comedy, drama, game shows, kids stuff, movies, music, news, soaps, specials, talk shows, sports, trailers, and more!

My90sTV; pictured above is an early SpongeBob Squarepants episode you can watch

Joey also made a TV for the 70s and 80s, and he explains on his website his inspiration behind bringing these all to life.

“My70sTV, My80sTV, and My90sTV are a set of projects I created to honor the pop culture memories of decades past.”

“Basically, each site aspires to simulate the vintage experience of channel-surfing on a TV from a particular era.”

“To support this effect, channel content may not necessarily start playing from the beginning. However, to accommodate those viewers with more modernized expectations, the settings can be adjusted.”

He even wrote a manual on how to use the tiny TV.

You can head on over to Twitter and thank Joey for his amazing invention here.

You know, when you’re done watching cartoons or what used to be on OG MTV.

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