Young Woman Wants To Know If She’s Selfish For Giving Her Sister Up For Adoption After Her Mom Dies Giving Birth Because She’s ‘Not Ready To Be A Parent’

A young woman is left wondering if she really is selfish for giving her sister up for adoption after her mom died giving birth and her family freaked out on her over it.

She says she is “not ready to be a parent” and that not a single person in her family offered to adopt the little girl…

…But they had no problem bashing her for not keeping the baby.

“I was adopted when I was 5 years old by a couple who were 28 and 30 at the time,” she explains.

“They had no other children. This past year, two things happened. My adoptive father was diagnosed with cancer, and my adoptive mother got pregnant for the first time in decades.”

“My adoptive mother always thought she was infertile, but apparently her “miracle” had arrived. She carried on with her pregnancy despite his cancer and her age.”

“She died in childbirth, and my adoptive father followed her two months later.”

“Which left me with an infant baby sister and two dead parents. My family is telling me that this is my duty, that I’m not a child or incapable, and of course they’re not offering to take her in at all.”

“They’ve all vehemently refused.”

“Everyone is furious that I “used” my adoptive parents’ resources, and now that it’s time to reciprocate I’m “taking the easy way out”. They say I’m the right age to have a child anyway, and that it’s just like if I…gave birth to her.”

“They’ve even brought up my fertility reducing medical conditions, and say this is my chance.”

“This isn’t my child. I’m not ready to be a parent.”

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