1-Year-Old Girl Suffocated To Death On Her Own Vomit After A Daycare Worker Tied A Pillow To Her Face And It Was Caught On Video

When 1-year-old Alesya’s parents dropped her off at daycare in Ukraine on May 29th, they never imagined they would be getting a call that their daughter stopped breathing.

At 10 in the morning, Aleysa’s 23-year-old mom Alina got the heart-stopping call from the daycare that she and her 24-year-old husband Eduard Gak had so thoroughly vetted.

That fateful day was the first and last time Aleysa would ever attend daycare.

Alina later explained in court, “It was just the first trial visit to the nursery.”

“By phone, she (Irina- a woman who worked at the daycare) assured me everything was good, and to look at testimonials about her.”

“We really checked them.”

So what happened to Aleysa?

TSN.ua; pictured above is 1-year-old Alesya

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