17 Incredibly Bizarre Kickstarters That Actually Got Funded

The Ostrich Pillow


OK, so this one looks and sounds ridiculous but is actually super useful. The Ostrich Pillow, created by StudioBananaThings, is actually perfect for any time you need to desperately take a power nap, regardless of how crazy your surroundings are. The project had a goal of $70,000 but ended up raising $195,094 from 1,846 backers.

Period Panties


Yes, this sounds a little gross especially with names like “Bleeder of the Pack,” “Bloody Hell,” and “Sour Puss,” but if you’re a girl these actually don’t sound like the worst idea, especially with their loud and fun designs. It was cool enough to get our attention, anyway! The campaign was a runaway hit, bringing in over $400,000 after seeking just $10,000.

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