17-Year-Old Says Her Mom’s Boyfriend Keeps Making Creepy Comments About Her Body So She’s Asking The Internet What She Should Do

“He would tell me I need to lose weight, get a better bra because I have a huge chest, stuff like that.”

“His jokes are the ones that make me uncomfortable though.”

“He literally texted me yesterday saying that I need an underwire in my swimsuit so my chest doesn’t hang down, saying how it would make me look sexy.”

“How “it would make it easier to get a boyfriend”.”

“I showed my boyfriend (they don’t know about him for safety reasons) the texts, and he said that the bf shouldn’t be saying things like that to me.”

“I honestly don’t know how to go about telling my mom’s bf about how I feel.”

“I’m afraid he’s going to brush me off or tell me to stop complaining since he’s known to do that. I could really use some help, fellow Redditors.”

She also explained her mom knows and brushes it off. She also said her mom told her she should not tell her father about this.

The internet was quick to offer her solutions for how to keep herself safe in this situation.

“You said your mom knows, is making excuses for him, and doesn’t want you to tell your dad. There must be a reason she’s trying to stop you. I’m going out on a limb and guessing she knows your dad won’t let a disgusting, sleazy creep around his daughter.”

“Please, please, please tell your dad. This is wrong on so many levels, speak to anyone who will listen and get you help.”

“Next time he makes a comment or texts you, you say, “Don’t say things like that to me. I’m a kid and you’re an adult and that’s inappropriate and makes me uncomfortable.” If you’re around other people, say it loudly. Let everyone else know and see that he is doing things that are inappropriate.”

“You may want to get out of your mother’s house early. I recommend quietly moving to your dad’s or boyfriend’s house the night before you turn 18. I can’t imagine your mom’s bf’s behavior will improve when you’re “legal”.”

“Please take screenshots of the texts and record your conversations when you happen to be alone with him. If your mom doesn’t believe you, someone will with that evidence. Please be safe.”

“Yeah and if you don’t trust telling your mom, how about your boyfriend’s parents?”

She then said in the comments, “I’m moving across states with my boyfriend in a few weeks after I turn 18, thank God.”

You can read the rest of what the internet had to say to her here.

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