18 Snapchat Hacks You Absolutely Need To Know

Write longer captions

Sorry Android users, this is just for iPhones. Go into Notes, then press enter a bunch of times. Copy all that blank space, then paste it into the caption field in Snapchat. Then, start typing away — you’ve tricked Snapchat into letting you go past the character limit! We’re not sure if Snapchat will keep letting this trick slide, though. (h/t: GadgetHacks/YouTube)

Find out who follows you back

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Oh, the great mystery. You can do this, but you’ll already need to be following the person you are curious about in order to see if they follow you (if you don’t follow them and they follow you, they’ll just show up in the Added Me section). In Snapchat, go to Add Friends, then tap on Add by Username. Type in the person’s username, then hold down on their username. If you can see their Snapchat score, then the person is following you back! You can also use this technique to see if someone has unfollowed you, if you feel like a bit of internet drama.

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