23-Year-Old Says Her Boyfriend’s Dad Tried To Sleep With Her And Now She’s Asking The Internet What To Do

A 23-year-old woman says her boyfriend’s dad tried to sleep with her, and now she’s asking the internet what to do.

“So I (23-year-old female) moved in with my boyfriend (25-year-old male) and his family because I have arthritis, and have to have hip surgery but can’t get up and down the stairs at my old three-story apartment,” she started out by explaining.

“So a little information on the family, his parents have A LOT of issues and often fight.”

“His home life has always been like this, and that’s why he left for the Airforce at 18.”

“But we’ve been together for 2 years, and have had issues ourselves (i.e him cheating by buying premium snapchats, and flirting with an ex-co-worker).”

“Were currently working and improving our relationship, and I’m seeking therapy for a mood disorder and an eating disorder which played a big part in our issues as well.”

“So in order to help him heal, I’ve taken the trouble of checking in on his family and his dad (45-year-old male) because his dad has been out of work since he hurt his back and cannot work anymore.”

“He’s been coming in and checking on me often because he knows we’ve been dealing with our own relationship issues and mental health.”

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