24-Year-Old Honestly Thinks She’s A Cat In A Human Body And Now Her Boyfriend Is Asking The Internet What To Do

A 26-year-old man says his 24-year-old girlfriend honestly thinks she’s a cat in a human body and now he’s asking the internet what to do.

“So GF and I have been together for nearly 8 months, and she’s always been a very quirky and nerdy person: does cosplays, very into anime and roleplaying, etc…,” he started out by explaining.

“Nothing too weird.”

“We’ve been kinda distant lately with everything going on and me being an essential worker so haven’t seen each other and only talk for half an hour a day.”

“Well, last Tuesday we got to hang out at her place and she wore cat ears and a belt with a tail the entire time.”

“At first I thought it was either going to be a..surprise or her testing a new cosplay…”

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