25-Year-Old Cut Up And Then Cooked By Her Date After He Discovered Something About Her Past He Didn’t Like

While Nina and Mikhail were being intimate, he realized that Nina had previously been born a man.

Nina had gotten gender reassignment surgery, and then she went on to get her gender legally changed to female, and that was what it said on all of her documents such as her passport and driver’s license.

Mikhail became enraged, and he strangled Nina to death with his hands while she was still lying on her own bed.

East2west News; Nina wears headphones in the photo above

He only took his hands off Nina’s neck after he was positive that she was no longer alive. He didn’t stop there though.

He then later explained to authorities that he thought he had to do whatever it took to cover up the fact that he had killed her.

Mikhail proceeded to slice off Nina’s skin, put it in the oven, and cooked the pieces. He explained that he wanted to get the water out.

He cut all of Nina’s organs out of her body, cut them into tiny bits, and flushed them all down her toilet along with what he had cooked.

East2west News; Nina is pictured in the above photo

Mikhail took the rest of Nina’s remains, packaged her into a suitcase, and wheeled her out of her apartment and back to his own.

It wasn’t long after Mikhail returned home that he was arrested. Nina was close to her mom, and he became concerned about her. She told the police she knew Nina had been on a date with a man named Mikhail.

When the police did catch up with Mikhail, they found that he had taken Nina’s head and spine, which were still connected and dumped salt all over them to try to eliminate the odor.

He had also taken a rasp and filed off her ribs and limbs, then thrown them out. He did everything he could to try to hide what he did.

Authorities said Mikhail did confess to mutilating and murdering Nina. If Mikhail is found guilty of Nina’s murder, he could spend up to 20 years behind bars.

East2west News; Nina is pictured above

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