6 Years After She Went Missing She Was Found Inside Of A Freezer That Had Been In A Dead Man’s Apartment

Following a challenging c-section gone wrong with one of her children, Heather picked up painkillers to cope.

She soon became addicted and started experimenting with other substances. She began sleeping with men for money. Her children went to stay with some of her family members.

It was towards the end of 2013 that Heather’s family simply couldn’t get a hold of her. She wasn’t returning their texts or their calls.

When she wasn’t doing so well, this kind of behavior was somewhat typical of her, but only for short amounts of time.

As the days went by, her family became worried about where she was.

She stopped posting on social media, which was something she did on a consistent basis.

Her last post was on November 12th, 2013, when she snapped the selfie below with the caption, “My ‘lil hideaway… I go here sometimes to give my mind a break…”

She missed Thanksgiving. Then Christmas. She failed to contact her children to wish them a happy birthday. This wasn’t like Heather at all.

No matter how much she was struggling, she still was close to her family and talked to them frequently.

Heather’s dad reported her as missing before 2013 was over, but more time started to go by and still, there was no sign of Heather.

Heather’s family expressed disappointment in the local police department, stating they didn’t really try to help find her because of the kind of life she was leading.

Heather disappeared for six long years, and how she ended up being found was in such a bizarre and tragic way.

Facebook; Heather is pictured above in her last social media post

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