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Adorable Seal Pup Rescued After Wandering Around Without Her Mom

In a post the Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary shared on Facebook, they explained what Jane helped do for the baby seal and how she’s doing now.

“For the past five or more years the Summer Solstice has brought us a common seal pup, and this year proved no different.”

“Therefore it really didn’t come as a huge surprise when the phone rang this morning and Jane Morton told us she had found a common seal pup looking lost and lonely on Spiggie beach.”

“She and husband John watched it for some time to see if there was any sign of a mother, but when there was none and the pup started heading inland (a sure sign it needed help)…”

“…Jane very kindly caught the seal for us, and then she and John met us north of Lerwick, which saved us a long journey to the south mainland.”

Facebook; the rescued baby seal sits in the back of Jane’s car, above

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