After She Graduated Then Moved To A New City She Vanished Into Thin Air And It Came Out She Was Scared For Her Life Way Before She Disappeared

Charlene Voight was petite and pretty. She was 26-years-old, about 5 feet tall, and weighed 105 pounds. She had beautiful, long blonde hair.

She was exceptionally close to her family and talking on the phone with her sister every single day, without fail.

She was living in California and going to California State Polytechnic University-Pomona. Charlene completed her degree in landscape architecture in 2016.

After she graduated, she moved to a brand new city so she could start a life with her boyfriend, Jeffrey Beier.

Jeffrey owned a dumpster company and worked with businesses local to him.

Not long after she arrived, Charlene vanished into thin air…and it came out she was scared for her life way before she disappeared.

Facebook; Charlene smiles in the photo above while holding her dog

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