After She Graduated Then Moved To A New City She Vanished Into Thin Air And It Came Out She Was Scared For Her Life Way Before She Disappeared

When Charlene arrived in Littleton, Colorado, she was eager to complete her portfolio and start her career.

She moved into the apartment her boyfriend Jeffrey had. A few weeks passed. On June 30th, 2016, that was the last time anyone had seen Charlene.

She chatted with her sister the day before, but she never called her sister in the days that followed.

At first, her family figured she was very busy since it was the weekend of July 4th. As the days piled up, they knew something wasn’t right.

Charlene would never go so long without talking to her loved ones.

Facebook; Charlene and Jeffrey are pictured above together

On July 8th, Charlene’s family knew they had to reach out to the police. They reported Charlene as missing, and as authorities began to investigate what happened to her, strange details emerged.

Her beloved dog, a Chihuahua she called Toby, was also nowhere to be found.

Facebook; Charlene holds her dog in the photo above

Charlene’s car was quickly located in a lot that was pretty close to the apartment she lived in with Jeffrey.

Interestingly enough, Jeffrey owned the lot, and he bought it only a few days prior to Charlene going missing. He had been keeping some of his dumpsters on the lot.

What was most disturbing was what was found inside the couple’s apartment.

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