Beyoncé Wrote A Letter To The Kentucky Attorney General Asking Him To Seek Justice For Breonna Taylor And Posted It On Her Website

On March 13th, 26-year-old EMT Breonna Taylor was shot and killed in her own Louisville, Kentucky home by three undercover police officers that investigated a drug dealer.

The man they were looking for was arrested somewhere else entirely right before Breonna was killed, and he did not live with Breonna.

The investigating officers said the dealer had allegedly gotten a package from Breonna’s apartment prior to them entering her home and shooting her.

Breonna’s boyfriend was also asleep in her apartment when the undercover officers came in through the front door unannounced. He shot one officer in the leg and says he had no idea they were police officers at all because they didn’t say so.

They had obtained a no-knock warrant, which means officers don’t have to indicate to the homeowner that they are there. They don’t have to knock. They don’t have to ring the doorbell.

They can just enter a home, as the officers involved with Breonna’s death did. Witnesses say they used a battering ram and never said they were police officers (they also were not wearing uniforms).

Since Breonna was shot (at minimum) eight times and passed away on the floor of her hallway, the three officers who were in her home that night have been put on administrative leave.

The 3 officers; 44-year-old Brett Hankinson, 42-year-old Myles Cosgrove, and 47-year-old Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly have not been charged with anything in connection to Breonna’s death.

On top of that, a report that the Metro Police Department released regarding the incident is pretty much blank, and it states that Breonna had no injuries, despite the fact that she was shot and killed.

The FBI is now involved, Louisville just banned no-knock warrants, and there is nationwide outrage over what the outcome so far has been.

Beyoncé even wrote a letter to the Kentucky Attorney General asking him to seek justice for Breonna Taylor, and here’s what she had to say.

Facebook; Breonna smiles in the photo above

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