What Disney Princes Would Look Like in Real Life

Flynn Rider


The rogueish Flynn Rider of Tangled looks somewhat apologetic here, which is possibly appropriate.

From the movie, at least, and also because he just seems like a guy that has a lot to apologize for.



It looks like the artist has captured Hercules pondering whether or not he really has what it takes to be a hero.

That, or he’s thinking about how rad it was that one time he killed the Hydra.

Prince Naveen


This one’s nice mainly because Naveen of The Princess and the Frog actually shows some other kind of emotion other than the staid princeliness of most of these other guys.

Seriously, Disney princes need to work on their emotional range.

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  1. Weird, in cartoon form I’ve always thought Li Shang and Herc were the hunkiest, but based off of these photos I’d have to give it to Flynn Rider or Tarzan

  2. Captain Phoebus reminds me of a younger Kody Brown (Sister Wives) and he’s really giving me the creeps.

  3. Phoebus looks like a Charlie Hunnam/ Liam Neeson love child, Kristoff looks like a plumper Heath Ledger, John Smith is a blonde Tom Cruise, Phillip is a younger, blonde Zachary Quinto, Aladdin reminds me of a younger David Schwimmer. Lol!

  4. Really wish the person who wrote this would have just shut up and let us see the pics. Sarcasm is cool, But snotty, rude sarcasm is not.

  5. John Smith was a captain. How come the other captains get “Captain” in their name and he doesn’t? He was a real life captain too!

  6. i love how it’s suppose to be disney princes but had to throw anna and elsa in there just to con’t to shove them down out throats….then throw in a few more princesses just to cover it up. and Eric is HOT lol

  7. Captain Phoebus from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. does look more like Heath Ledger, AND if you look long enough, also looks a lot like Channing Tatum

  8. Hello, I’d like a Hercules with a side of Flynn Rider. For dessert I’d like a Prince Eric please. Thanks!

  9. They had to, otherwise all the feminists would FREAK OUT that they weren’t “equal opportunity,” only doing princes. Which is even mentioned in the first line of the post. But I also agree that its always Frozen this and Frozen that. Ugh, so sick of Frozen.

  10. These art works are fantastic, but this commentary is AWFUL, you should be identifying the characters and celebrating the talented artist’s work. Instead you are just bitching about everything. You should check your facebook feed, besides all the swooning, your audience isn’t liking it.

  11. The commentary was horrible! Just list who the character are for anyone who doesn’t know and leave it at that!

  12. … it’s 2016 and people still insist that the beast’s human name is Adam. The staff themselves said they forgot to name him. Period. Adam is not his name. It was used as trivia in a third-party name Disney slapped their name on but didn’t proofread or write. If they call him Adam in the live-action remake I’m cracking skulls.

  13. I really liked the art. The commentary, however, was horrible! I mean, did you have to say something ridiculously negative for EVERY single picture- excuse me, every single picture of a PRINCE?? Didn’t really have to much crap to talk about the Frozen girls. Yeah, it was a great movie, but enough already… And how old are you that you had to google Prince Phillip? You’ve never seen Sleeping Beauty? If you haven’t seen all these movies, you shouldn’t be doing pieces on them, ESPECIALLY if you’re going to trash talk the hell out of them…
    Anyyywho- My favorite was Prince Eric. He is from the best Disney movie of all time and I love him and want him for myself!! They were all amazing works, but Prince Charming? Wow- spot on, right?

  14. Eric is GORGEOUS! If the real-life Eric really existed, I would become a woman just to marry him, once he is straight. Also, real-life Flynn Ryder, Aladdin, Prince Charming (uh là là), Prince Philip, Prince Naveen and John Smith, what a real knockout each of them is. Gorgeous guys! Also, in spite of being gay, I would be straight for one day for Elza, she’s a hottie in here and so classy!

  15. Prince Eric looks more like a young Jake Gyllenhaal than younger John Stamos. Prince Phillip looks like Ryan Phillippe. Captain Phoebus looks like Chris Pratt and Owen Wilson had a baby. Oh, and that Elsa looks exactly like a young Kisten Dunst.