Hamilton Is About To Become A Movie, And Lin-Manuel Miranda Opened Up About Why He Said Yes To Disney Censoring It

Lin-Manuel Miranda not only created the musical Hamilton, but he also starred in it too! If you’ve been dying to get tickets but couldn’t manage too, don’t worry.

Now, Hamilton is being turned into a Disney movie, and it’s coming pretty soon to Disney + for your streaming pleasure. You can watch it right in the comfort of your own home!

In 2016, Disney filmed for three days on Broadway, and then took what they filmed and made that into the movie they are releasing on July 3rd.

Judging by the trailer Disney just put out on YouTube, it really looks like you’re up there sitting in the front row to see the show.

One person took to Twitter after watching the trailer to ask about why the Disney movie is rated PG13, even though the show is actually rated R.

It turns out, Lin-Manuel Miranda let Disney censor their version, and here’s why.

YouTube; pictured above is Lin-Manuel in the Disney version of Hamilton

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