He Caught His 22-Year-Old Girlfriend Giving His Dad A Foot Massage In The Guest Bedroom And Now He’s Telling The Internet He Doesn’t Know What To Do

“They were both fully clothed. They both looked at me, I looked back, and I just quietly head back to my room, locking the door behind me.”

“I heard my girlfriend knocking on the door and telling me it was just a foot massage, and it’s not what I think, but I just ignored her.”

“I heard my dad knocking too, calling me immature, and then my mother begging me to come out for food at least.”

“I tried to check her phone for any suspicious text messages, but it’s locked.”

“I haven’t left my room all day. I don’t know what I’m supposed to feel. Am I seriously just overreacting? How can I handle this?”

Honestly, the internet wasn’t quite sure what advice to give him.

” …Why are they in the privacy of the guest bedroom instead of a more public room of the house?”

“If your dad needed a foot massage he should have asked your mom, not made your girlfriend do it.”

“You are a no way over reacting rather what they were doing was not acceptable and you should consider this as a red flag in the relationship. At least your girlfriend should have discussed with you before she massages your dad’s foot if there was nothing between them. You should trust your gut feeling and need to take a decision to end things with her and stay away from your dad too as he is not a good man.”

“Their reaction is reasonably telling. If they weren’t doing something they shouldn’t have been why are they acting guilty?”

“Something doesn’t seem right about the whole situation.”

“Why is your dad asking your girlfriend for a foot massage? To give her the benefit of the doubt (and as a woman myself) she might have not felt comfortable saying “No” considering that’s her in-law there might have been a subconscious feeling of obligation.”

“The biggest thing in a relationship is communication. You need to use your words and tell her it made you uncomfortable and also listen to her explanation of why it happened.”

“This is really icky. If your girlfriend were a massage therapist or health professional it would be an entirely different ballgame.”

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