Her 14-Year-Old Neighbor Creepily Lurks Around In The Dark And Waits For Her To Come Home So He Can Try To Talk To Her And She’s Asking The Internet For Help

A 17-year-old says she has a very creepy 14-year-old neighbor who lurks around in the dark.

He also has waited for her to come home several times and stood on her front lawn trying to talk to her.

Now, she’s asking the internet for help so she can properly deal with all of this.

“So my family and I (17-year-old female) moved into our house about 3 years ago,” she started out by saying.

“Across the street lives a grandmother, her wife, and her 2 grandsons ages 14 and 18.”

“The whole family is what I would describe as socially awkward, but the youngest grandson “john” has always been a little “off” in his behaviors/interactions.”

“My mom heard a rumor that he suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome or a similar developmental disability, but to the best of my knowledge, this is just a rumor.”

“John has always had a problem with staring/boundary issues but lately his behavior has just been getting more and more bizarre.”

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