Her Best Friend Sleeps With Every Guy She Has Ever Been Involved With And She’s Asking The Internet How To Handle This

“I dated this guy for 3 or 4 months when I was 18. He was part of the friend group my friend and I were in.”

“A few months down the line she was hanging out with him all the time and slept with him more than once.”

“A year and a half ago I dated another guy from our friend group for a few months.”

“She slept with him quickly after we weren’t together, conveniently she had chlamydia and I ended up hooking up with him again and got it too.”

“My friend is very promiscuous and those were her friends too, the guys were also not exactly what you would call a good or loyal guy, so I mostly just brushed it off again.”

“Tonight she told me she hung out with this guy I dated 2 years ago.”

“She said hang out but the way she said stuff seems weird, and I know this guy he’s a hoe, so I’m pretty sure it was more than just hang out.”

“This dude was in no way involved in our friend group or someone that she would ever run in to.”

“She would’ve had to go out of her way to begin hanging out with him.”

“I’m not close to her anymore and don’t see or talk to her much. She has a lot of problems, and the dudes I’ve picked haven’t been stellar.”

“I’ve made excuses for some of this, but IDK. Like every dude I’ve dated since I was 17 she’s either slept with or become friends with after we’ve broken up?”

“I don’t get it. Am I making a bigger deal out of this than it is in reality?”

She then added, “I haven’t hung out with her in quite a while, but ran into her a week ago and have a soft spot and attachment to her and despite what I know about her I have a tendency of letting her back into my life.”

“I gotta stop making excuses though, I’ve tried to convince myself this stuff was ok but it is weird and toxic.”

The internet insisted this girl was not her friend at all, and she needed to cut her right out of her life.

“With all the men existing in the world, she deliberately chooses guys you dated in the past? She’s not respecting your friendship at all. Get rid of her, she will cause you only trouble in the future.”

“It’s weird, not normal, and that’s not a good friend. She’s trying to hurt you, and I hope you discontinue being friends with her. It’s one thing to date someone’s ex, but to date multiple people you’ve been involved with…. big ole red flag, my friend.”

“She’s fake and trying to compete with you. She probably thinks she’s better or something.”

“I had a friend kind of like this once. When I discovered something was up, I made her think I was in love with a guy she thought was super disgusting. It was part testing my theory, part revenge if she failed my test. Yeah, she failed my test, I died laughing, and we’re not friends anymore.”

“Here’s a shot in the dark: She idolizes you and figures that if you see something good in someone, she wants that. It’s a lot like the girl who decides she wants a husband, so she goes out to get someone else’s husband. “If he makes her happy, he will make me happy” Not realizing that happiness is within.”

“As much as I don’t prescribe to the idea that someone has dibs on their ex forever, I think the intent matters. It is strange that she’s deliberately seeking out your exes and I’d probably be inclined to interpret it as a power thing.”

“Whether it’s envy or something else, it sounds like she needs whatever validation that sleeping with these guys brings her. She does indeed sound like she has problems.”

“Cut her out of your life, it’s only going to get more significant as time goes on, she’ll likely do this to all her ‘friends’ and cause a giant problem between everyone. She’s not your friend, she’s using you as Tinder pre-screening.”

You can read the rest of what the internet had to say to her here.

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