Her Boyfriend ‘Accidentally’ Got A Video Of His Best Friend Playing With Herself So She Wanted The Internet’s Advice On Handling This

A 31-year-old woman says her boyfriend “accidentally” got a video of his best friend playing with herself, so she wanted the internet to give her advice on handling this.

“My (31-year-old female) boyfriend (33-year-old male) told me yesterday he’d accidentally received a video of one of his female friends playing with herself,” she started out by saying.

“For some reason, he thought it was hilarious and told me without me having any idea it had happened in the first place.”

“This woman had meant to send it to someone else and asked him to delete it straight away.”

“I didn’t see the funny side when he told me this, mainly because I believe if you’re going to send something containing such graphic content…”

“…You’d check and double-check the recipient first, before hitting send.”

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