Her Boyfriend Fed Her Cupcakes Filled With Bodily Fluids Without Her Knowing And Now She’s Asking The Internet What She Should Do

“We’ve been dating for the past 3 years. We share a lot in common. Like pranking. It’s just our thing,” she started out by explaining.

“We love messing around with each other as long as it was funny and not harmful.”

Ok, that’s healthy. Sounds like they have a pretty normal relationship, right? Wrong.

There’s absolutely nothing normal about what her boyfriend did to her.

“Last week we were chilling around and he mentioned that he saw something on Reddit about a guy pranking his wife with homemade cookies (with bodily fluids in them).”

“I wasn’t really focusing so I just something like “Ew that’s disgusting” then carried on.”

“Yesterday he baked a dozen cupcakes and said I could have some. I thought that was a bit weird but I’d completely forgotten about last week and he was having some as well so I ate some.”

“He broke into laughter when I bit in and asked how’d it taste.”

“I said it was good and he said something like I should be honest and just say it’s sh*t. The conversation went on but that’s what matters.”

“Last night he went outside to answer a call from his friend while taking a smoke and I went to tell him that I was done showering when I heard him say something like “She ate it!” then “I couldn’t believe it. And she f****** liked it” and everything clicked.”

“I confronted him about and he apologized and said he thought it was funny and wasn’t harmful since I swallow.”

“I got angry and shouted at him about it and he said sorry again and volunteered to sleep on the couch for the night..”

“I know I should be over it now since he did admit and apologize but I can’t stop thinking about it. What should I do?”

The internet couldn’t believe her boyfriend could do something like that to her, and couldn’t believe she even asked for help since there only seemed to be one option.

“What should you do? Seriously?????”

“That was some psycho prank.”

“This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard – referring to both the cupcakes and him as a person. Dump him hard. Make him suffer.”

“People get arrested for this. It’s NOT funny. It’s assault, as others have said.”

“That is so freaking disgusting, and the fact he tells his friends about it is even more disgusting. I would dump him in a heartbeat.”

“It seemed like he had no intention of actually telling her but bragging/laughing about it with his friends. NOT okay.”

“While that is gross, the part that stands out to me the most is that he shared the story with people you both know.”

“That’s disgusting. He is absolute trash. Please don’t stay with him. What a scummy thing to do to someone.”

“You won’t ever be able to eat/drink something that he prepared, or had private access to. You might open a canned drink, but if you leave the room, you’ll always wonder if he slipped something into it. So – can you and do you even want to be in an intimate relationship with someone you cannot trust on such a basic level?”

“What? No, just no – throw the whole man out. Keep in mind you wouldn’t even have found out if you hadn’t heard him on the phone. He did this as a means of humiliating you to his friends, so they’d all have something to laugh about. If you think he and his friends will now be completely respectful of you and won’t do something behind your back to further harm and humiliate you for their own pleasure then I’m sorry, but you are dreaming.”

“The speed at which I would dump someone for this may very likely hold the key to cold fission reaction.”

“If it was just aligned with their past of playing pranks why did he have to laugh about it with his friend?”

“I can’t imagine any scenario where I was fed (this) against my will where I would still be a) in the same vicinity of the person who did this to me and b) on…Reddit asking for advice. Sorry for the rant but damn, what’s it gonna take to stand up for yourself…!”

“Every time I think I’ve read the worst thing I’m ever going to read on Reddit… something like this happens. I can’t even …”

You can read the rest of the advice the internet had for her here.

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