Her Boyfriend Slept With His Best Friend And Now She’s Asking The Internet If He’s Going To Leave Her For This Girl

“About a month into our relationship he was talking about how he and his best friend are simply friends even though they met on Tinder as a hookup and slept together.”

Ok, that’s definitely weird that they remained best friends after that.

“I did not know that this happened until after we started dating, and now I understand why his ex could have been uncomfortable.”

“In addition, they lived together with another couple for about a year (he worked out of town and would stay at their house on his in-between days and paid rent).”

“He swears up and down that they only slept together once, but I would be kinda dumb to not doubt the validity in his claim.”

“She also wrote him a letter that literally ended in “I love you”.”

“The best friend lived out of state for the first month, and he said he wanted to go see her.”

“I was not comfortable with, and after an extensive conversation, he said that he would not go without my approval.”

“After we got past that issue, a few weeks later she called one day in the afternoon and told him she was moving back.”

“He waited until that evening in front of company to tell me she moved back (I think he did this so I wouldn’t verbalize my thoughts) but that didn’t stop me.”

“We got into a disagreement over me not condoning the two of them going out to drink and hanging out.”

“I gave him two options: A) he could go drink with her regardless of how I feel.”

“B) he can respect my stance and not go drink and hangout.”

“This idiot chose A first and then once he realized I was done and not putting up with it he chose B. I’m concerned bc he has chosen her side over me twice now.”

“After everything that’s happened, I told him I don’t care if that talk on the phone whatsoever, and that it doesn’t bother me that they talk.”

“I’m not worried about him cheating, but more so the fact that she has feelings for him.”

“Should I be worried about his best friend, or am I going overboard?”

She then added, “We’ve only been together for three months so not very long. To me, the first few months are the hardest bc you usually have to set boundaries on what you are and aren’t comfortable with.”

“And I agree it’s fine to be friends and hang out if I were there. Although I detest the situation, I would go with him to hang out with her for a bit bc I know she’s an important friend.”

“I have actually asked him how he’d feel if the situation was reversed and he said “I would do whatever I need to do to make up work, and I would go meet the dude”. However, it is easy to say that when the situation doesn’t really exist.”

“Plus I had an old male friend Snapchat me the other day (we have never been sexual) and he did get a little jealous over essentially nothing. That leads me to believe he wouldn’t like it if he were in my shoes.”

Here’s what the internet had to say to her.

“You don’t sleep w someone and revert back to chill friends. No.”

“I dated a guy like this once. In the end, you’ll always feel like you’re competing against a second relationship. This woman knows exactly what she’s doing too. She’s got him wrapped around her finger, and doesn’t care if that impacts his relationships.”

“A guy like this won’t have a successful relationship until he either ends up with his female friend, or dumps this female friend. It’s a pseudo-romantic relationship that he validated by calling it a friendship. And you’re expected to be okay with it or else you’re “crazy and controlling”.”

“Doesn’t feel right to me, especially because his ex also left him because of it and because him choosing her before you. You should have been his choice. If it stays like this I would consider breaking up, but maybe a good talk helps.”

“This isn’t his best friend, this is a chick who he was with whom he is not over. Dump, dump dump!”

You can read the rest of what the internet had to say to her here.

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