Her Ex-Boyfriend Stood Outside Of Her Apartment All Night While Holding A Gun

A 17-year-old young woman’s ex-boyfriend stood outside of her apartment all night while holding a gun.

She was dating him for about two months, but then she found out he assaulted a girl at a party, so she ended things.

“That was around 8 months ago, I’ve so far found a different guy that I am dating now, however, we are in a long-distance relationship so he can’t even be here to support me,” she explained.

“After I broke it off, he started stalking me. It wasn’t so bad that I felt unsafe but I still took as many precautions as I could.”

“I’d usually just see him follow me around in school, commenting and spamming my socials and DMS and every once in a while he’d send me letters about how sorry he is and how he wishes I’d come back to him.”

“In the last month, he’s been quiet and hasn’t done anything so I thought he’d stopped… I was wrong.”

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