Her Ex-Boyfriend Stood Outside Of Her Apartment All Night While Holding A Gun

“Last night was just like any other except my mother was doing a night shift at work so I was alone.”

“I was on a call with my boyfriend and we were just in the middle of watching a movie and I hear some sort of noise coming from the outside of my apartment so jokingly get up not really expecting anything more than just my neighbors going up the stairs, and I see him.”

“He was trying to be quiet, I was started to get extreme anxiety over it and tried to act like I’m not home.”

“Now this part is honestly embarrassing and I know people are going to call me out on this…”

“I did not call the police or any type of emergency hotline, my anxiety got so…bad I had to go into the corner of my living room and I sat there for 40 minutes while quietly going through possibly the worst panic attack in my life.”

“I carefully left a message for both my mother and my boyfriend.”

“I really wanted to call my mother or police or someone but I knew he would hear me and it really wouldn’t matter in what room I would be, my anxiety wasn’t allowing me to do that.”

“After the 40 minutes I just quietly got up to check if he’s still there and my…stomach sank because not only was he still there but he also had a gun.”

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