Her Husband Hired Her Best Friend To Take Her Clothes Off At His Bachelor Party But After She Found Out More It Seems They Cheated And Now She’s Asking The Internet For Help

“After she left my husband’s friend commented that he can’t believe we’re still friends after the bachelor party.”

“When I asked my husband what his friend meant he refused to comment and we got into a huge fight over it when he told me Rebecca had been hired to strip at his bachelor party.”

“I texted Rebecca in the moment that I don’t want her around anymore, but she hasn’t responded in a week.”

“I feel betrayed by both of them but I know it was just her job. I miss Rebecca a lot but I’m so hurt. I don’t know what to do.”

The internet insisted she needed to ask Rebecca and her husband for both of their sides of the story, so here’s what she did.

“I confronted them both, separately, they both gave two very different stories.”

“Rebecca says that my husband got drunk, groped her and when she refused he pushed her and started to yell at her.”

“Apparently my husband and his friends believe I shouldn’t be friends with her because she “lead them on”.”

“My husband says that they didn’t sleep together but Rebecca tried to initiate and performed oral while he was black out drunk.”

“I’m staying with my parents because I don’t know who to believe here or if I should even believe either of them.

“All I’ve done is argue with my husband since the confession.”

“I’m left more confused than ever and honestly, I just want to say f the both of them, but if my husband’s story is true then he’s totally innocent.”

“But what if Rebecca is telling the truth? What if neither of them are?”

“I’m sick of them both, I haven’t stopped crying since arriving at my mother’s, to be honest, and I don’t think I can.”

“Why would he hide this for 4 years? Why would she?! If they both believe they’re fully innocent/victims here?”

“My husband is a mean drunk, but he’s always so soft-spoken and I don’t know if he can do those things Rebecca claimed, but I don’t know how he reacts around his friends, but I’ve known him longer than Rebecca too?”

“But I’m all for believing women, I feel like by agreeing with my husband I’m denying Rebecca’s story/side.”

The internet agreed it was time for her to get rid of Rebecca and her husband after all of this.

“I honestly think that you should get rid of both of them because they kept a huge secret for 4 years.”

“Ex- dancer speaking. It is SO unprofessional to act in the way this woman did. Equally as NOT OK for the husband to seek out someone they have personal ties too.”

“Hiring her in the first place? Wrong! So automatically not innocent despite anything else that comes after. However, I doubt he specifically went out of his way to pick her only to not touch her or do anything with her.”

“Yeah, he sought out this Rebecca specifically knowing she was a close friend of yours. That’s a whole different level of intent when looking at bachelor party entertainment options.”

“I’d ditch the husband and the so-called friend. Neither is innocent. They are panicking because they got caught. A loving partner doesn’t hire your friend to strip for him and his friend. A friend doesn’t strip for her friend’s husband and his friends. Whether it was a planned affair, one-night stand, or some bizarre paid transaction…it was still done with complete disrespect to you on all levels.”

You can read the rest of what the internet had to say to her here.

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