His Friends Set Him Up On A Double Date With A Girl He Already Rejected Several Times So He Left And Is Asking The Internet If He Was Wrong

A 25-year-old man was set up on a double date by his friends.

It turns out, the girl he got set up with was someone he already rejected multiple times and his friends knew that.

So, he left the date and is now asking the internet if he was wrong.

“This is not about the date, about relationships or something I want a judgment on me walking out of there,” he started out by saying.

“Cast: Me (25-year-old male), Joe(26-year-old male), Jane(24-year-old female).”

“To give you a little background to this situation, I met Jane through Joe’s girlfriend at her birthday party last year.”

“At first Jane was fun to talk to but not even an hour later Jane was really into me and tried really badly to hit on me during the party, which pretty much ruined my time there as the feeling was not mutual in the slightest bit also at the time I was already with someone.”

“So the first impression I got from Jane was that she was clingy, annoying, and just wouldn’t stop bothering me.”

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