His Roommate Flashed Everyone In The House And Now She’s Mad At Him For Looking So He’s Asking The Internet How To Handle This

A man is saying his female roommate flashed him and everyone in the house they share, but she’s mad at him for looking.

Now, these roomies are on the rocks over what she did, so he’s asking the internet how to handle this one….

“So, I’m a man, and live in an apartment with three roommates: one other man (let’s call him John) and two women (let’s call them Sarah and Linda),” he started out by saying.

“Something happened yesterday that’s made things awkward, and I’m wondering if I did something wrong.”

“All four of us were in the living room yesterday watching TV together.”

“A scene happened in the show we were watching where a woman flashes her boobs at a group of guys.”

“Linda made the comment that she’s never understood why women flash…guys at parties or at Mardi-Gras or whatever.”

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