His Roommate Flashed Everyone In The House And Now She’s Mad At Him For Looking So He’s Asking The Internet How To Handle This

“Sarah disagreed, and said to Linda, “What, you’ve never been drunk in college and just been like-“ and then actually pulled up her shirt (she wasn’t wearing a bra, since we were just at home) and flashed her boobs.”

“Linda laughed, but when Sarah noticed that I was looking and had just seen… she suddenly seemed super uncomfortable and was acting awkward.”

“She didn’t say anything, but seemed kind of stand-offish. Later, Linda told me in private that Sarah was uncomfortable that I had seen her topless earlier, and that she was just joking around with Linda, and didn’t want me or our other male roommate to see her boobs.”

Girl, you should have thought that one through then.

“Linda told me that Sarah said not to say anything to me, but she was telling me anyway so I could maybe apologize to Sarah and make things no longer awkward in the apartment.”

“I don’t really understand what I did wrong- I mean, she pulled up her shirt in front of all 3 of us, and she didn’t tell me and John to look away.”

“And it wasn’t like I stared at her boobs, or even said anything, I just thought it was weird she did it, but that was it.”

“John agreed that I did nothing wrong, and said he saw them too (maybe Sarah didn’t notice John saw too?), but thinks I should apologize just to keep the peace.”

“I understand that Sarah feels uncomfortable I saw, but I’m just confused as to what I did wrong here.”

Here’s the advice the internet gave him, along with an update he shared.

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