It Turns Out Kelly Clarkson Has A Prenup, And Good Thing Because This Is How Much She’s Worth

She Earned Her First Few Millions From Her Record Deals

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Kelly Clarkson made her first few million dollars from record deals she had.

When she put out her first album in 2003 called Thankful, she reportedly had a $1 million dollar contract for it.

She first signed on with RCA Records, and they gave her approximately $1 to $3 million dollars for every album she put out while she was with them.

Kelly then moved on to work with Atlantic Records, and though it’s not clear what kind of a deal she had there, we can guess she’s making more, not less.

She Raked In $17.5 Million Off Her Tour In 2019

Touring is part of how Kelly has made all of her money, and one tour in particular contributed a lot to that.

When Kelly went on her Meaning Of Life Tour last year and proceeded to rake in $17.5 million dollars. I know she didn’t keep all of that after paying

She Has Serious Real Estate

Kelly has some serious real estate to her name, like a 275 acre Montana ranch she paid $2 million dollars for.

She also owns a mansion in Encino, California that she paid $8.5 million dollars for and is now trying to sell for $10 million dollars.

Her third property is her house in Henderson, Tennessee that cost her $3 million dollars, but she is also trying to sell that one for $7.5 million.

She’s going to have nearly $17.5 million dollars if she sells her two homes for what she’s asking on them, and that is no small sum of money.

Instagram; Kelly Clarkson is pictured above on the set of The Voice

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