It’s Ok To Feel Like You Need To Take A Break From Social Media And Here’s How You Can Make That Happen

I don’t think it’s breaking news to anyone that social media isn’t always good for you. Yes, it provides entertainment, connection, escapism too, but it also leads to major issues.

Enough studies have been done by now connecting social media use with eating disorders, self-harm, depression, self-esteem problems, isolation, anxiety, and more.

Social media use can also lead to you getting nothing done, as you hopped on wanting to wish someone a happy birthday and then got sucked into memes, videos, who knows what, and then all of a sudden you lost 6 hours of your life you just can’t get back.

Been there, done that. I mean, social media is designed to be addictive so don’t feel bad if this constantly happens to you!

If you are feeling like you’re burnt out, obsessed, depressed, or relying on social media to avoid other things in your life, it might be time to take a step back.

Even Post Malone recently admitted he needed some time away from social channels.

It’s ok to feel like you need to take a break from social media, and here’s how you can make that happen.

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