Jenelle Evans From Teen Mom Confirms She’s Safe After David Eason Was Arrested And Now She’s Saying She’s ‘Going To Take A Few Days Out To Myself’

Jenelle Evans, former MTV Teen Mom star, has had a rough go of things lately.

She was married to her husband David Eason for two years before they went their separate ways for 5 months following David killing her French Bulldog Nugget (this is also arguably what got her officially fired from the show).

Jenelle also picked up and moved to Nashville, Tennessee, leaving David and North Carolina behind.

A month ago, Jenelle publicly announced in a YouTube Q&A video that she and David were getting back together.

“Me and him are deciding to work things out right now and we’re taking it slowly,” she said in the video after being asked if she is back with him.

Instagram; Jenelle is pictured above with two of her children

She then confirmed she had left Nashville and moved back to North Carolina, where she lived with David.

“Yes, I know I came back to North Carolina. Yes, I’m living here permanently now.”

Jenelle also addressed her reason for moving back, saying, “The reason why I came back to North Carolina is because I cannot afford rent and a mortgage — I have to choose one or the other.”

“And I have a house here that I own. I don’t own the apartment in Tennessee, so I decided to move back.”

Well, David just got arrested on Friday and here’s why.

Instagram; Jenelle posted the photo above along with David and the kids for Mother’s Day

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