Kim Kardashian Is Coming Out with A Podcast And It’s All About True Crime

Kim Kardashian West has been publicly pro prison reform for some time now.

She’s also currently completing an apprenticeship in San Francisco with a major law firm and is aiming to pass the bar when 2022 comes.

Not only is Kim currently studying up to become a lawyer so she can make a difference; she’s also been actively seeking clemency for inmates that were handed down sentences that are too harsh for their crimes.

Alice Marie Johnson was the very first person Kim helped in a big way. She got Alice released from the life sentence that she was given for a non-violent drug offense.

Kim hardly stopped there; she was able to help 20 other inmates get released.

Now, Kim’s coming out with her very own true crime podcast, and here’s everything you need to know.

Instagram; Kim is pictured above

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