Kim Kardashian Is Coming Out with A Podcast And It’s All About True Crime

Kim has partnered with Spotify to release her true crime podcast in September of this year, so you only have to hang in there a few more months.

Reportedly, her podcast is going to focus on a man named Kevin Keith. On a website dedicated to getting justice for Kevin, it states that the name of Kim’s new podcast is going to be “Proving Innocence.”

Justice For Kevin Keith; pictured above is a screenshot of the name of Kim’s new podcast

The website also goes on to explain Kevin’s story.

“In Febuary of 1994, Kevin Keith of Crestline Ohio was arrested for a triple homicide that took place in nearby Bucyrus, Ohio.”

“He was never questioned before his arrest and the police had no evidence linking him to the crime. In May of that same year, Kevin was convicted of the murders and sentenced to death.”

“Kevin’s brother Charles has always been convinced of his innocence. He took it upon himself to start his own investigation into the case.”

“He started educating himself on the legal system and collected information around the case… and what he found was alarming.”

“In 2007, thirteen years after Kevin’s conviction, Charles met with Assistant Ohio Public Defender Rachel Troutman in her office in Columbus, Ohio.”

“He brought with him all of the evidence he collected and convinced the rookie public defender to investigate the case.”

“In 2010, using all of the new evidence that they collected, Rachel presented the case to Ohio Governor Ted Strickland.”

“After looking through the case, Strickland granted Kevin clemency – taking him off of death row only 13 days before his scheduled execution.”

“Kevin is currently at Marion Correctional serving a life sentence.”

You can visit the website for Kevin here.

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